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| All Products  ->  ALN-7448 PSTN Anti-theft Bus Alarm System with 8 Wired Defence Zone (Can Expand 240 Wired Defence Zone)

Modle  ALN-7448
Description:  ALN-7448 PSTN Anti-theft Bus Alarm System with 8 Wired Defence Zone (Can Expand 240 Wired Defence Zone)

Feature Technical Parameter Product Details  

1.Pure English monitor,easy to operate.

2.Adopt new 16 high speed Microprocessor,stable performance,with 8 wired defence zone,it can expand 240 defence zone by choosing the two cores bus driver module.(excluded the cable for detectors).the total defence zone is 248.

3.The total cable can up to 2.0km.( the cable diameter should be at least 1.5mm).

4.It can connect with up to 15pcs keyboards,divide into 8 independent zone,able to arming and disarming alone.

5.200 groups personal operating password,with 30 kinds of programmable defence zone function.

6.Many kinds of defence module extender board optionally, ALN-7408 with 8 defence zone,ALN-7401 with single defence zone,ALN-7402 with double defence zone,ALN-6zkey with 6 defence zone keyboard,and the detector with address code.

7.The Aux output bus port can connect with ALN-7412,ALN-32B replay output module peripheral equipment.can reach defence zone with output one-to-one,several-to-one,one-to-several,etc multifold alarm/output relation.

8.It can connect with the computer by ALN-7412 directly,or connect with the LAN by interface equipment.

9.It supports 4+2,contact ID,etc multifarious communication format by using PSTN to connected with alarm center.

10.It can reach keyboard programming or remote programming,support wireless expansion function:2pcs wireless receivers.112pcs wireless detectors or buttons,5pcs wireless keyboards.


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